Age of Emotions / Zeitalter der Gefühle / Era das Emoções / Era de las Emociones

What you feel is the new real. Reason is dead. Personal truth is the only truth that matters. You live in a fake news World. Welcome to the Age of Emotion.

The way to win was to be better, cheaper, faster, stronger, more powerful. Features and benefits were the thing. That was the ‘Industrial Age’. Today, consumers want to feel they are part of a larger community. They want to feel connected.

You now live in the ‘Age of Emotion’. You exist in a series of moments. Social media moments, confidence moments, sports moments, fun moments, friendship moments, success moments, connection moments.

Brands today are not just building better technologies, products, and services; they are building better communities. If people feel better about your community than your competitor’s, then you are winning.

Community loyalties are tribal and cling deep: You are one of us. Because we are hard-wired as Human beings to aggregate, we seek out others who are more like us than like them.

It is time to move forward towards a more connected future. Emotional engagement is the most effective tool, with a framework that benefits consumers, brands and developers.

For the millions of users who have experienced happy moments, it is a cause worth celebrating. Join the solution, and discover the ‘Age of Emotion’. It is time to target moments.

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