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There are innumerable definitions of happiness.

Everybody has their own definition depending on their outlook about life. Some get it from money, or fame, or helping others while others get it by being close to their loved ones. The word happiness produces close to 50 million Google results!

Irrespective of the inputs, happiness is a state of mind and when humans feel comfortable in their existence, happiness results. So what is that state of mind which makes you happy?

When the whole mind concentrates on a single object for a considerable amount of time, you get a sense of well being. This is called Samadhi.

Surely you have personally experienced moments of happiness when you get completely engrossed in something you like. You even loose the concept of time.

All great inventors and creative people have often said that they were so immersed in their work that they lost all concept of time and space.

The true feeling of happiness comes when you are not attached to anything including a person or an idea. Detachment helps in reducing the formation of psychological knots in the brain.

Psychological knots are produced when brain is not able to resolve properly the mismatch between expectations and reality.

Most of the attachments come because of the desire to possess or own either an object or an idea. Possession gives us a sense of security and hence the need for it.

A powerful brain is able to resolve every issue and thus reduces the desire for possession. Desire for possession also comes from fear, the fear of loosing out if you do not possess something, etc.

Some people say money provides happiness. That maybe true since money allows us to take care of mundane things so that mind is not distracted and is able to focus fully on higher goals in life.

However money should be looked at as means to an end and not an end itself. This means that there should not be any attachment to money – a very difficult proposition but maybe helped by a powerful brain.

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