All your friends are Fake / Alle deine Freunde sind Falsch / Todos os seus amigos são Falsos / Todos tus amigos son Falsos

Scrolling through your friend’s list, you think you know the person you are connected to online, but would that person call you if something tragic happened. Would you be on the list of phone calls at all.

Many people have hundreds of Facebook friends. But your Facebook friends do not care about you and do not even sympathise with your problems.

Social media causes you to have this false feeling of intimacy and closeness with people that you actually know nothing about. Só, it is quiet important to know who you are actually connected to, vs who you are simply virtually connected to.

Everyone on social media is infected with the same problem: The very nature of it causes all to be fake.

Facebook does not support deeper interactions that reflect more naturally occurring conversations. It is missing an important component: storytelling.

Narrative is the sinew of life; it gives context and depth to the information we share. It is also the lifeblood of authentic connections. Without it, it is impossible to turn data and description into meaning.

Social media are linear representations crafted to project your idealized version of your interests and your lifestyle. It all seems a bit too tidy and curated.

Think about the stories you create for social media – they influence your behavior in real life. Because you create something for a media audience online, you direct your actions in a given situation toward playing for a camera – not for authentically being in the moment.

Performance in everyday life takes you away from your mundane context in a way that you offer a show of you, but not the real you.

A beautiful life is the life that is full of good friends. Good friends make your life easier. They are your number one support system and ultimately, your sanctuary. Without a friend your life will be bland. But sometimes, all of this can just be an illusion.

No judgment. No expectations. No animosity. No keeping score. No fake friends. Only Love, acceptance and a whole lot of laughter. Life is short, and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Do not waste one second of it.

Find friends who fill your life up with joy and support you no matter what.

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