Am I just Lonely / Bin ich nur Einsam / Sou apenas Solitário / Estoy solamente Solo

All of us feel isolated and alone from time to time. If you are going through a rough time, sex might feel like a good way to get a little company, wrong company, wrong decision.

It is important not to make decisions that you would not have made had you been feeling less lonely. Do not lower your standards just to get some Human contact.

You may think that having sex with that hot guy from your class will make you feel better about yourself, but it probably will not. Low self-esteem cuts deep, and it is more complicated to resolve than putting another number on your bedpost. Sex is not an accomplishment.

Do not use sex as a weapon. Sleeping with your ex best friend might bring a fleeting moment of morbid satisfaction, but you will feel a lot worse in the end. Sharing your body with another person should be fun and joyous, not a twisted plot line straight out of a bad movie.

Whether or not sex is addictive is an extremely complex question that is being debated. Whether or not we define it as an addiction similar like alcoholism, most experts agree that some people feel compelled to have sex.

This pull can feel stronger than simply feeling an authentic desire to have sex; it can feel more like something you have to do to make yourself feel better at that moment. If you ever feel incapable of making a healthy, thoughtful decision, do not put yourself in situations where sex is a possibility.

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