An insane System / Ein wahnsinniges System / Um sistema Insano / Un sistema Insano

The political system we have is insane and it attracts insane individuals to run it. We have a system that gives ultimate power over life and death and everything in between to people who have no business exercising that kind of power. Nobody does.

The system makes people feel important. And the sense of importance it gives, drives people who need that attention to try to gain the power. It is a sick loop for attracting sick people and giving them the attention and honor and power that their sickness craves.

The only way to escape this is to quit giving power, attention and honor to these insane people. The only way to do that is to quit elevating anyone to these lofty positions. The solution is to let people have power over their own lives. The solution is to end the coercive state.

We will have to put up with narcissists around us. There are lots of them and you see them in every organization, almost always gravitating toward the top. But even though you can not do anything about narcissists in the World around us, you do not have to give them power over us.

If you dig underneath the surface of politicians, you will find a narcissist. Once you understand who narcissists really are and what it is they crave, there is nothing surprising about it. The only surprise is how few people notice it.

You may think of narcissists as those who are in Love with themselves, but the reality is much different. A narcissist craves attention and Love and respect, but he is secretly empty on the inside.

He projects a false self to the World in order to get narcissistic supply. He is an emotional vampire who desperately needs other people’s attention and admiration to survive.

So it is no surprise that people who crave attention and admiration from others gravitate to politics. In politics the entire World revolves around them and their desperate needs. They matter. Other people do not.

They can be charming and manipulative when they need to be – when they need to impress you or make you love them, so you will give them the attention and Love they crave.

The creed of the militarised imperialistic corporation some call government is one of continued expansion of oppressive power until it consumes everything. It is a cancer that does not understand anything other than it’s own belief system.

Displaying the same mindset seen in the nuclear arms race where the winner is the first to destroy the entire World, it seeks to militarise all technologies, even those which could set humanity free. It can not be reasoned with as it knows only one objective: the growth of it’s own destructive might.

There is no voting it out, there is no changing it. The only way to overcome it is to refuse to participate with it, creating our own system based on the tenants of Love, compassion, reason, respect and sharing, that makes it redundant.

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