Appreciate the small Things / Schätze die kleinen Dinge / Aprecie as pequenas Coisas / Aprecio las cosas Pequeñas

Slow down. Let life be. You do not have to figure it all out, it will figure itself out. Find little things to appreciate, because those are the things that will be meaningful at the end of the day.

You lost sensitivity to the little joys of life. And you start looking for it. You look for it endlessly but you can not find it, because you are looking in the wrong places and you do not know how it looks anymore.

You try to satisfy your Ego’s needs. You try to match up to the Society’s standards. All for the sake of feeling that joy and momentous fulfillment. I will surely get it tomorrow. Or next month. Or in a few years after I achieve this goal.

It must be there. Or there. Or there.

The more you dream and the further you try to reach, the more out of touch you become with the everyday reality around you. You wish for more in the future and in turn you lessen yourself in the now.

Feeling of joy is just that. A feeling. You can not feel it then nor there. Because then and there can not be felt. You can only think about them. And thinking is not feeling. Feeling is an experience. Experience which you can feel only here and now.

Try listening to the sounds around you. You might hear the sound of the wind dancing with the tree. You might hear sounds of birds chirping. You might hear sounds of cars driving by.

Whatever the sound may be. Try to appreciate the fact that you have ears that can listen to sounds. Then try to feel the sound and appreciate them, because they are sounds of life.

If you have a drink in front of you, try to feel the thirst within you, and then as you drink, appreciate the taste and the liquid quenching your thirst. Appreciate the fact that you have the ability to drink whenever you have the need.

Appreciate the little things in life involves to focus your attention on what is pleasurable, nurturing, and sustaining in your life and stay away from those events that are annoying, frustrating, or hurtful.

Appreciate your heart beating and keeping you alive. It wants you to keep living. Feel the pulse within you, the blood flowing through your veins. Be grateful for your body. However it may be. You are breathing and you are still here.

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