Art of Evolution / Kunst der Evolution / Arte da Evolução / Arte de la Evolución

MindShift is about You engaging in the process of Evolution, seeing parts of a greater whole, valuing diversity as a strength.

engaging with conflict not as something to be fought and won, but rather as an opportunity to realize new and creative possibilities.

Expanding Your identity as a Human in the web of life and functioning at higher levels of complexity and Consciousness.

Scientis can reconstruct our 13.7 billion-year history to the present moment. This is the evolutionary story, which includes the Universe, our solar system, Earth, and us.

MindShift offers a new way of thinking about the world and the role each of us plays in Evolution of the future.

Humanity must choose to do consciously what all other successful life forms have done automatically: evolve into a healthy, cooperative species that lives in dynamic balance with life’s larger processes.

Looking at modern science as well as ancient wisdom, four tools can help the Human species do this:

Being present

Being authentic

Being inclusive

Being responsible.

This message is a reminder of the opportunities presented by the Internet to share and engage in dialogue about the MindShift and the tools for Evolution with the a growing number of people around the World who are awakening.

Through this message, You can build a community, help others to do likewise, and thereby accomplish the MindShift for a World that works for all life now and in the future.

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