Awakening of Consciousness / Erwachen des Bewusstseins / Despertar da Consciência / Despertar de la Conciencia

Many things are changing in the World. We live a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before. People become more conscious and aware of issues and practices that have lasted for too long and that must change.

People now want to take their lives back into their own hands and escape the model imposed by Society in order to really know happiness and live the life they truly want to live – not dictated by television, magazines, movies, social identifications and all kinds of meaningless clichés.

Documentaries now denounce our current scandals, independent scientists, newspapers, blogs, and individuals, create their own groups to spread the Awareness about the truth of the various industries we are living amongst, and offer new inspiring models. They all contribute to a growing Awareness in the World.

People are ready to hear those truths, and to become themselves, the change they wish to see in the World. Their Consciousness grows, their interests evolve, the meaning of life changes and they have new aspirations and inspirations, coupled with the desire to change themselves in order to change the World.

Do you recognize yourself in that?

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