Awakening to Spirit / Zum Geist Erwachen / Despertar para o Espírito / Despertar al espíritu

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Spirit infuses the Human experience with qualities of grace – unexpected clarity, vision, wisdom, peace, compassion, emotional release, inspirational epiphanies, deep understanding and comprehensive healing of mind, body and soul.

People who are living in-Spirit give off a higher energy that brings light to your heart and your mind. You can be inspired just by being in their presence.

Those that live in Spirit see the World as a friendly place, they are at peace with themselves, appear to be open and accepting rather than judgmental and harsh.

And healed of all sorts of diseases, relationship challenges, career fluctuations and questions of purpose and direction.

There are two approaches to listening to the voice within, whether you name it God, Higher Power, Spirit, Grace, Eternal One, or Divine Love or Love.

Complementary, rather than mutually exclusive, both approaches require a capacity, gained through patient practice.

Quieting the inner and outer chatter and learning to hear that which calls us to be more than what Human experience suggests is possible.

When you pray, you are directing your thoughts towards God, listening and often affirming what you know to be divinely true.

You are yearning to surrender your will and affections in conscious connection with the divine such that you or another receives a blessing.

When you meditate, your intention is to sacrifice every thought, concept, image and feeling to God, the only Consciousness.

You trust that listening and observing with nonattachment helps you release conscious and unconscious conditioned thought patterns permeated by a sense of Self.

Sunanda: I know what it means to go. I know all of us have to go away one day. I have had an experience of near death. I have come back. But I am going one day. We are not alone – we are with Him or Her, the Spirit.

Arun: My grandfather, Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, used to say that physical death is the birth of spiritual life. He felt that, since light is enlightenment and also a life-giving source, that when we die, we all merge into the great sun or the moon, because they are the celestial lights, that give us life – and they take us back again.

Sunanda: We are not alone – we are with Him or Her, the Spirit.

Arun: Give us life – and take us back again. Spread the Wisdom

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