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According to the WHO, one in five people are clinically depressed.

The WHO describes depression as the biggest epidemic that the World has ever known and, significantly, levels of depression are far higher than a hundred years ago despite the fact that life today is easier and more comfortable than ever.

We are living in a World in which the number one killer on the planet is heart disease, which is virtually self-induced.

Heart disease is completely avoidable and even reversible through change of diet and lifestyle. Human desires and the actions that result from those desires are the main reason for heart diseases.

Behind every action is a thought, and behind that thought is a desire.

Our desires are tied to survival and reproduction – the first two basic instincts. Every Human desire, impulse, or feeling is tied to a basic instinct.

I propose to you that there is not one example of a pleasure, pain, or emotion that exists simply for its own sake. They are always tied to a basic instinct.

Our subconscious mind is the caretaker of basic instincts. Within our heads, feelings get us to act a certain way. The subconscious mind uses feelings as tools to guide our actions.

The real you – the Conscious you – is guided by these feelings. Understanding the mechanisms around how the subconscious mind guides Human actions using intense feelings can provide a practical benefit.

Balance Your daily live and make healthier decisions.

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