Be good to Me / Sei gut zu Mir / Seja bom Comigo / Sé bueno Conmigo

Be good to Me, 2017. At some point in your life you plan to make changes to your life. To start with, you hope to have great relationships. It is important to have a good connection with people.

If you have great people in your life it makes you happier, that is Human nature. Besides having good relationships, it is also important to have good health. You may think just of your physical health, but it is important to work on yourself in every aspect.

Look in the mirror and realize that there is so much more potential in yourself than you could ever imagine.

Let go of your demons that inhibited your personal growth and let go of the people and external factors that keep you from reaching your goals.

Open your eyes to who you could be, rather than trying to chase this image of your old self that you held in such high regard.

2017 will probably be the year I look at and say to myself, I turned the corner.

You’re listening to the boy from the big bad city

Friends tell me I am crazy

That I’m wasting time with you

You’ll never be mine

That’s not the way I see it

Coz I feel you’re glad you’re mine

Whenever you’re with me

People always talk about reputation

I don’t care about your other girls

Just be good to me

Just be good to me

You’re listening to the boy from the big bad city

Love is a game of chances

So I’ll take my chance with you

And you I won’t try to change

We talk about it and I’d

Rather have a piece of you

Than out of nothing

Just be good to me in the morning

Just be good to me in the afternoon or evening

Yeah just be good to me

I’m not the jealous kind

I won’t tie you down

When you need me

I’ll be around

I’ll be good to you

You’ll be good to me

We could be together, be together

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