Be in Revolt / Sei in Revolte / Seja em Revolta / Estar en Rebelión

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The totalitarian nature of capitalism is a subtle regime penetrating more and more into areas of life previously uncolonised and uncommodified. It separates people like never before.

The technological growth of the capitalist mode of production that fuels these new invasions is an increasing threat to the chances of simple survival.

This threat to the vast majority of the planet is based on the destruction of individuality, community and rationality. This scares people so that they can not bear or bother to think about it.

Yet it is at the back of everyone’s mind. Bringing it to the front of their mind – to remind people of the possibility and necessity of revolution – is like talking about intense sex to someone who has long been celibate.

If you want to re-discover individuality, community and rationality, if you want to clearly oppose this World, you have to bring these contradictions to the front of your mind, become conscious of them, describe them, analyse them, give them a name.

It never goes without saying.

But how many want to look at this, at what is new in this intensified alienation. It is a symptom of this alienation to be indifferent beyond one’s own immediate wants and needs.

The World is reduced to what is immediately approved by this commodity defined World. Just getting through the day. Questioning this would not only mean to admitting that this is hell but trying to find a way out of it.

Ecological collapse, capitalist wars, suicidal terrorism, mass depression and real opposition portrayed as a hopeless case and hardly ever talked about.

The limitations of the little opposition reinforces the madness of the each against all atmosphere. Global recession pushes more and more people into a precarious balancing on the edge of life, which intensifies isolation, along with enourmus increases in illnesses.

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