Be the Rhythm / Sei der Rhythmus / Seja o Ritmo / Se el Ritmo

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When you really tune into life, you can feel the ebb and flow of creation itself. The in-breath of constriction and the out-breath of release. And if you look deeper within your own physiology, even your own body performs this same breathing rhythm to sustain your very life. So, do not ever let anyone tell you that you do not have rhythm.

If you look at this ebb and flow from a spiritual lens then you can see how this rhythm shows up in your personal growth. It is reflected in what you call your ‘good times’ and ‘bad times’.

You see this ebb and flow, this rise and fall of your emotions, the ruse and reclaim of your comforts with your Ego continually being pushed beyond its precious place of power.

You are never not moving as the state of change really is the only constant. It acts as the pull and the push, the river and the rocks, mending and molding you, day after day, year after year with each new experience, every new lesson, even each new thought if you let it at a conscious level.

And whether you know it or not, your thoughts are constantly changing you, or perhaps fighting you to stay the same.

Denying and repressing your thoughts are only feeding them, and pushing down emotions and negative thoughts are like a ticking time bomb. It will eventually explode in one way or another through your relationships, your work, your health, etc.

The Universe and life will let you know whether by means of a whisper or a wrecking of your entire present life structure to get your attention to something that you continue to repress and ignore.

So, it is not so much that we believe what those negative voices have to say, but rather acknowledge they are there and that they are not some evil, scary monster but rather an unhealed part of yourself that took form at some point in your life, most likely early on in your childhood before you could rationally make sense to having your feelings invalidated.

When you do not know better that it is always ok to feel what you feel, no matter what you feel, whenever you feel it, then you learn to feel shame instead, and those initial feelings, your truth of who you are, get repressed and you begin to believe subconsciously that you are not allowed to express that part of yourself, and thus that some part of you, is unacceptable, not good enough as-is.

You must teach your kids at a young age that like life itself shows in every corner of nature, emotions are meant to be ridden like a surfer rides the waves of the ocean.

He does not order the wave to come, he makes himself available and open to it and when it appears, he takes what it offers him, respects it, and becomes the wave itself.

He does not request anything of it. And if you learn to see your emotions like this, it is easier to become less attached to them and more importantly less controlled by them.

You can embrace all periods of your life, all stages of your growth and metamorphoses. You learn to hear your own song and dance to your own rhythm. You learn who you are, so you can live as whom you were meant to be. The most beautiful music you will ever hear … Be the rythm!

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