Become One / Eins Werden / Torne se Um / Convertirse en Uno

Your first kind of memory is held in your mind, the second in your soul. Your mind captures, categorizes, files, and brings forward memories of every experience your body and mind ever had.

Your soul is the repository of all knowledge about who you are, where you are, why you are where you are, and all other aspects of your everlasting life. This knowledge is what we also call Awareness.

The sum of experience and Awareness is what Humans call Consciousness. You may have heard the term Consciousness raising. This refers to the increase or expansion of the mind’s database, to include more of the soul’s unlimited knowledge or Awareness of life.

The level of your Consciousness depends upon how much experience you have had not only of your physical life, but also of your metaphysical life, the knowledge of which exists in your soul’s Awareness.

When your present experience (the experience you are now having, rather than your memories of previous experience) and your present Awareness (the Awareness to which you now have given yourself access) are joined together, the mind’s desire and the soul’s intention become One.

The merging of the mind and the soul. What God has joined together, let no man seperate. (Mark 10:9)

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