Becoming Nothing / Nichts Werden / Tornando-se Nada / Convertirse en Nada

By becoming nothing you become everything. It is in breaking the barriers of Ego that you come in direct touch with your infinite source. There you shall know the secret of creation, which is so easy.

When you clear your mind and make it simple you will achieve inner silence. Silence is always there, but your disturbances of mind cover up the silence.

You can stop talking, but to stop thinking is difficult. The mind bubbles constantly with internal dialogues because it thinks, consciously or unconsciously, that it knows something.

One process is to control thoughts mechanically as hatha yogis do, but this takes a lot of practices. There is a shorter, easier way: if you could suggest to yourself that you do not know anything, that God knows everything, then your mind will become quiet.

This is a primitive method but such methods work very scientifically. Knowing nothing defeats your self-confidence but that is what is needed. By this method of humbling your own Ego, the innermost sound is heard very easily. Actually it is not a method; I would call it a confession.

Perfect silence speaks the real Truth. If you could be simple, with utmost Love, devotion and surrender unto the original Truth – not defeatism or resignation – then Ego will have no power to clutter your mind. It only has power when you are resisting or fighting, when you are not being simple as you were meant to be.

This realization of the nonentity of Ego is the secret of spiritual realization. Everything else will delay it. When you realize your nothingness you become everything.

To ask ourselves the question, quite fundamentally, ‘What’s all the trouble about?’ In other words, ‘What is your state of mind when you contemplate the possibility of everything becoming nothing?’

Alright, so the universe is a transitory system – like a bubble, like smoke, like foam on the water – and so, how easy! Just go along with it; dissolve.   

So what’s the problem? Why don’t we want to give up? What do we think we are going to get by holding on, and by resisting the dissolution? What is your state of mind when you contemplate the possibility of everything becoming nothing?

What do your really feel like inside at the prospect of everything becoming nothing, of this whole thing being a bubble that dissolves. That the most frightening thing about death is that there might be something beyond it, and you don’t known what it is.

You remember facing the world as a child, or at any time, the world is full of threats, mostly from other people. And there are monsters, there are all sorts of things which scare you, but beyond every monster is death. Dissolution is the end of it all.

What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up? Nobody can think about it. But what is that state when you are teased out of thought? See, get with it: going to sleep and never waking up. This is not – as you would fantasize it -a state of being in the dark forever.

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