Behind the Scars / Hinter den Narben / Atrás das Cicatrizes / Detrás de las Cicatrices

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In a World where everyone is running after perfection, it becomes difficult for many people to have a scar on their body. With high demands for perfection these days, having scars can lead to an inferiority complex, making you feel worthless and want to hide your scars.

You avoid the crowd and feel insecure in public. You lose all sources of empowerment. Your physical health can very strongly affect your mental health. It can affect your everyday working and routine and can be strong enough to destroy your relationships.

Many people feel self-conscious about their scars. They see them as ugly and unfortunately, Society often supports this opinion. Scars are nothing to be ashamed of. They are a reminder, a memory, and they carry a personal story.

There are some incredible stories to read or tolisten to. Scars are not what defines you, they just add to your personality and individuality. Scars are indeed tattoos with better stories.

Scars are a part of our body, they define you, your past and tell your story. Youur scars should be the celebration of your life to understand that you went through something and made it through alive. 

They tell the World about your fight and your struggles, about the storms you have faced in your life and how you succeeded. It shows how you did not give up in a stressful condition. It shows that you are happy and you should be happy and at peace with your own body.

Stop criticising other people on their physical appearance, help them face it and do not make them feel alienated. Come out of that falsely created sense of perfection, created by the fashion industry, film industries, and social media and accept the realities of people around us.

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