Between Fear and Love / Zwischen Angst und Liebe / Entre medo e Amor / Entre miedo y Amor

Love is unconditional (fear is conditional) –

Love is strong (fear is weak) –

Love releases (fear obligates) –

Love surrenders (fear binds) –

Love is honest (fear is deceitful) –

Love trusts (fear suspects) –

Love allows (fear dictates) –

Love gives (fear resists) –

Love forgives (fear blames) –

Love is compassionate (fear pities) –

Love chooses (fear avoids) –

Love is kind (fear is angry) –

Love ignites (fear incites) –

Love embraces (fear repudiates) –

Love creates (fear negates) –

Love heals (fear hurts) –

Love is magic (fear is superstitious) –

Love energizes (fear saps) –

Love is an elixir (fear is a poison) –

Love inspires (fear worries) –

Love desires (fear Joneses) –

Love is patient (fear is nervous) –

Love is brave (fear is afraid) –

Love is relaxed (fear is pressured) –

Love is blind (fear is judgmental) –

Love respects (fear disregards) –

Love accepts (fear rejects) –

Love dreams (fear schemes) –

Love wants to play (fear needs to control) –

Love enjoys (fear suffers) –

Love frees (fear imprisons) –

Love believes (fear deceives) –

Love “wants” (fear “needs”) –

What feelings, emotions, and traits characterize Love?

Joy, serenity, generosity, bliss, happiness, humility, excitement, hope, faith, forgiveness, trust, optimism, laughter, endurance, patience, peace, abundance, radiant health, vitality, passion without drama, sacred sexuality, tenderness, learning, wisdom, kindness, healing, freedom, creativity, courage, commitment, beauty, caring, personal growth, spirituality, balance, oneness, ecstasy, compassion, empathy, fun, tolerance, spontaneity, healthy pleasure, fulfilled desires, gratitude.

What feelings, emotions, and traits characterize Fear?

Pessimism, pity, flight, doubt, arrogance, hubris, violence, lust, jealousy, envy, greed, pettiness, meanness, power struggles, worry, selfishness, narcissism, guilt, feelings of rejection and abandonment, victim consciousness, anger, hatred, prejudice, vengeance, passing judgment, the excessive need to be right, holding a grudge, dogmatic thinking, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, perversions, feeling sorry for oneself, depression, and anxiety.

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