Beyond Consciousness / Jenseits des Bewusstseins / Além da Consciência / Más allá de la Conciencia

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You live under the domination of modern Consciousness, which means that you are obsessed with progress. Wherever you are is not good enough. You always want to move somewhere else and achieve something, rather than be still and experience something.

The opposite is Spiritual Consciousness, where you find enchantment in every action you do, rather than in just the results of your action. Spiritual Consciousness is not a religion, but a way of being.

Fragmentation is the result of modern Consciousness. Knowledge is divided into subjects, the World into objects, and people into categories. But there is something more to life than what we are able to measure, analyze, and quantify.

In Spiritual Consciousness, there is a dance between what you know and what you do not know. The place of mystery is an essential ingredient of this Spiritual Consciousness.

Spiritual Consciousness must replace, or at least counterbalance, modern
Consciousness. Modernity is very powerful; it has the media and the multinational corporations behind it.

Yet there seems a discontented-ness in people today, despite all the glamour and achievement, technology and wealth. There is a loss of meaning. That is why many people are longing to embrace a different kind of Consciousness, a Spiritual Consciousness.

Spiritual Consciousness holds that the World is sacred. You must celebrate the World rather than try to improve it. Take joy in what is here and cultivate a reverence for life.

The outcome is not the point; you must do what is right. Right action will automatically lead to right outcome. And outcome or change is always a surprise. 

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