Blue Monday / Blauer Montag / Segunda-feira Azul / Lunes Azul

A stop motion animation constructed by manipulating sand (by hand) and brush (on a light box).

Inspired by Ronelda Kamfer’s Afrikaans poem, ‘An Ordinary Blue Monday’ tells the story of a young girl ready to set off for school and the darkness she encounters every day living in a deprived area.

In the South African ghetto where she lives, violence and tragedy are part of the every day life.

It was an ordinary Blue Monday morning
Somewhere a mom was off to identify her child’s body
I washed myself, brushed my teeth, and finished my science project
Against the fridge was a note from mom
asking me please do not make the breyani too spicy tonight
My sis was searching for socks and by half seven i had the front door locked
and then I hid the key in the old place
At the house shop I bought two loose cigarettes
and slid them into my sock
On the corner of Wildflower and Rose Street
a girl was joking with her future murderers
In my head Dylan Thomas was screaming
do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light
in sex ed my heavily pregnant best friend started bleeding
outside on the street there were a couple of gunshots
By first break there was a corpse on School Street
a miscarriage in my class
a delay to the science project
and a woman running down the street asking the Lord
Where was Joseph when Jesus was crucified!

Ronelda Kamfer

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