Brain is a Mess / Gehirn ist ein Durcheinander / Cérebro é uma Bagunça / Cerebro es un Desastre

Your brain is a mess. You might be anxious, worried, stressed, or so full of ideas that you can not focus. It is a frustrating condition that can lead to even more stress. When your brain is restless, you begin to fall out of your healthy routines and habits.

Struggling to shut your brain down at night is very normal. It is designed to be working all the time to help you remember, anticipate, analyze, plan, problem-solve, and do all the things that make you human.

So you can not blame the brain for being active even when you would really like for it to be quiet – your brain is doing what it is meant to do.

Get out of your mind and into your body.

Doing a body scan is similar to using imagery in that it takes your mind out of your racing thoughts and into a grounded space that connects with the five senses. Instead of walking your mind through an imagined scene, you will walk it through your body.

Notice your breath. No need to change it in any way or judge it as good or bad. All you need to do is ride along and notice what it feels like. Use this rhythmic breath as your anchor throughout the body scan. Whenever you get distracted by thoughts, bring back to the breath and get anchored here.

Breathe out for longer than you breathe in, and pause after breathing in and out; so you might choose to count for three when you breathe in, then pause and count to five when you breathe out, then pause.

Focus on your breathing and counting, and if your mind wanders off, take note and return your attention to the exercise. You may need to do this for ten minutes.

With practice and persistence, you develop the ability to find tranquility through breathing (meditation) no matter what is happening around you.

Learning to meditate will allow you to calm your mind at work, in public transport, in a stressful situation no matter where, or in the middle of any chaotic environment.

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