Broken Dreams / Geplatzte Träume / Sonhos Quebrados / Sueños Rotos

There is a secret depression accompanying your wrong lifestyle. It is hidden underneath a selection of layers including an exaggerated bravado, drug and alcohol abuse, misdirected anger, and other forms of destructive behavior.

Fantastical illlusions are a tool to cope with the realities of your marginalized existence.

Parties, sex, and false friendships have given you the illusion that you are doing much better than you actually are. You have been bamboozled by Facebook likes, dazzled by Instagram comments, and misled by Twitter tweets.

Social Media has a tendency to tell you a lot of things that are not true.

The lack of a viable plan in your life in form of education, job training, or entrepreneurial expertise prevent you from progression. Maybe you have acquired credentials, but still seem to be locked out of meningful opportunities.

Once viable options are taken off the table, you are vulnerable to criminal endeavors, a low budget lifestyle, in order to meet your immediate survival needs.

You are suffering from broken dreams and delusions of grandeur that have not been fulfilled, you have been suffering from a secret depression for years. There is a mask of false bravado that you wear.

Underneath the mask, you are hurting because you have not figured out a way to live up to the standard set by a hyper-materialistic Society.

Social Media causes you to act like you are in a financial position that is not in alignment with your reality, you have created an impostor syndrome that can lead to deeper levels of depression.

You have decided to self-medicating yourself with drugs and alcohol to cope with your frustration and disappointment.

Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.

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