Can one decision change your Life / Kann eine Entscheidung dein Leben verändern / Pode uma decisão mudar sua Vida / Puede una decisión cambiar tu Vida

Your existence comprises of choices that you make. Choices for your life are everywhere. Despite your parents making most of your decisions for your better and brighter future when you were very young, you start learning how to choose between the options placed strategically in front of you and make decisions.

The choices you make and the decisions you take have a long lasting impact on your life. They make you special, put a bar of distinction between you and everyone else. Your life is a series of choices you have made so far.

You live with those choices for the rest of your life and the rest of your life is a pretty long period. Whether you feel it immediately or not, your life is being shaped by the choices you are making in the present.

Whether you decide to go to college or take that guitar class you always wanted to or get your hair colored or travel to foreign countries – it is your choice. It is all your choice. It has always been your choice.

The past is unalterable yet offers you an insight on the mistakes you made. The present is a gift you need to make the best of, and the core of your future comprises each and every decision you have ever taken.

Sometimes, you make bad choices that bring misery and you regret when you realize your mistake. That is part of being Human.

One day, when you read your diary and go over the deeds your past Self has done, instead of being ashamed of who you were or what you have done, you want to be proud of yourself and your choices.

You want to be happy with what you wore, what you said, what you read, what you ate, what you listened to, and what you did. And this is only possible if you think before you make choices in the present.

You can not undo the past, but You can always learn from it.

Choices are the building blocks of your life and despite all the mistakes one makes, a new day brings with itself new opportunities and a whole new World of choices. Remember that the choice is yours. It has always been.

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