Can’t help falling in Love / Kann mir nicht helen mich zu Verlieben / Não consigo parar de Apaixonar / No puedo dejar de Enamorarme

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Coincidentally, I fall in Love very easy and always sooner than I expect. Falling in Love is not a choice; it is an irrational chain of events that simply can not be stopped.

It can happen slowly, over time, or quickly in a matter of moments. One glance. One touch. One phone conversation. And it is all over. I go for it. I only live once. I enjoy my life.

Falling in Love is the easy part. It is interesting, unique. It never happens the same way twice. In that moment, I make the decision to love big. Love deeper. Love harder than I have ever loved anybody in my life, because she deserves it. Because we all deserve to be loved and to love full.

We love not because we are guaranteed forever, but becauseit feels good to love someone and be loved in return. Even if it does not work out, at least I got to enjoy that time together, instead of being miserable and alone, closed off to Love. I feel  good to just rest in that state of Love without worrying about the future.

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