Capturing Magic / Magie Einfangen / Capturando Magia / Capturando Magia

In the midst of city living, it is easy to forget that beyond the tall buildings, the World can be a wild place.

Although the concrete jungle has its own ecosystem, there is way more species inhabiting the planet; there are creatures in every corner of the globe. And there are people who spend their lives documenting Earth’s inhabitants – from penguins playing in the Arctic waters to mischievous monkeys in Botswana.

Wildlife photographers not only capture the magic of nature, they encourage to look beyond, to step outside of our daily routines. The World is a wonderful, inspiring place.

Do not get discouraged by all the bad stuff that you see on mass media; the World may be suffering from a lot of vices but it still holds lots of Love, kindness and compassion. We are just not good at highlighting the warmth and positivity that exists around us.

We are too focused on the negative side to see anything else. Let us shift our focus from the negative to the positive side. Lets appreciate the kindness and warmth that exists all around us. The World is a wonderful, inspiring place.

Breathe in, breathe out and be happy. There is not much more to life, really.

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