Catch the moment of the Day / Den Moment des Tages Einfangen / Capte o momento do Dia / Atrapa el momento del Día

The past is gone and the future is yet to be. You can only be where you are in this moment: this breath, this step, this instant. To worry about anything else is to waste energy.

With mindfulness, life’s in the moment. Mindfulness teaches you the skill of paying attention to the present by noticing when your mind wanders off. Come back to your breath. It is the place where you can rest and settle your mind.

Sitting alone and not feeling lonely is going to be the skill of your time. It requires an understanding of how your emotions work and what needs and feelings get derived from every expectation that arises or goal you set your mind to.

Meditation gives you an introspective sensitivity that is profound. You will feel it when you get into it. Do it 5 minutes a day until you are addicted to doing it every day. Then do it 10 minutes a day until you are addicted to doing it every day. Then 15 and build up to an hour.

At darkness hour, every dawn
I took the light and you aboard

In our world, of force and skill
the silent bond that we both built

with bare purpose to provide
yet catching beauty with our eyes

not every turn the river made
I knew, yet didn’t hesitate

and through these moments flashing by
I felt the current of our time

With every chance we caught the stream
It felt as if I lived the dream
and marked with screaming scars of joy
the flow of passing silent void

And when the times took you away
I lived and saw up to the days
Of world so vast to comprehend
Of changing streams I could not sail

i thought as generations passed
if they relate to one of us

some other place, from dusk to dawn
the paths we cross, to rise and fall

to catch the moment of the day
and share it with you to stay.

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