Catch your Wave / Nimm Deine Welle / Pegue sua Onda / Toma tu Onda

Whether it is finding Love or a life partner, getting a career back on track or starting the business of your dreams, getting in shape, quitting drinking or simply taking a vacation, the answer to success is not to wait for the right wave to come along. It is to catch the wave right now and turn it into the wave of your dreams.

Waiting for the perfect wave to come along very rarely results in success. Instead, it results in no change at all. If you truly want growth, if you want to move your life in a new direction, then taking action on the wave at hand is the only way to do so.

Life moves quickly. So quickly that it seems your plans keep getting swept aside. Maybe some unforeseen event derailed your plans. Perhaps your job was terminated, or your girlfriend found someone new.

Maybe the World economy fell apart, and took your company with it. Maybe you found out you have brain tumors. No matter what the reason, that is all in the past.

If that is what you want, then do not wait for the perfect opportunity to come along. The right opportunity is already there in a less-than-perfect form. You just need to take the wave and make it perfect.

The simple truth is that not one success story in all mankind started with a perfect moment. Not one happy ending has been based on people waiting for the perfect opportunity to move forward.

We live in a world of imperfections. There are no perfect opportunities. So learn to make the most of the opportunities at hand as they come along.

There is a tremendous difference between waiting for a 100% perfect moment, and making 100% of the opportunity given to you. That difference starts well before any opportunity comes along. It starts with you believing in yourself.

It starts with you having the experience, the faith and the perseverance to look at an opportunity, to assess it for what it is, and to being able to commit to making it real.

The worst action you can take in life is no action at all. If you do not act, nothing will ever happen. By sitting and waiting for the perfect opportunity, you miss all the good opportunities that come along. So override your fear when the right opportunity comes along. Do it with prudence, but do it.

It’s like surfing … launching that new idea.
You see the next big thing.
Like a giant wave approaching.
You start paddling with all you’ve got.  You chase the glory.
But often that isn’t enough.
The wave can pass you by.
And your startup fails.
Another wave approaches
You paddle with all your heart
You hang in there as long as you can …
You lose yourself in that wave.
And suddenly you realize you don’t need to paddle anymore.
The wave is lifting you – carrying you.
The world has changed. It supports you now.
You’ve caught the wave – and glory chases you.

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