Challenge your Beliefs / Fordern Deine Überzeugungen Heraus / Desafie suas Crenças / Desafía tus Creencias

In order to change your life and ultimately change your World, you must start by examining your own mental models: your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about the way the World is and the way things ought to be.

You think and act through your mental models.

You often forget that you are not victims of your mind or your brains’ hardwiring. You do not have to be trapped in old ways of thinking and acting that undermine your own opportunities for success.

You do not have to take things personally or respond defensively to your perception of tone in an email. You can choose not to judge someone unfairly based on their appearance alone.

And you do not have to over-react to a situation and respond in a way that you end up regretting.

You are not mindless, simply reacting to our environment, rather, you are powerful, able to choose your response to everything you experience.

It is important that you remember this now. The stakes are too high on a national and on a global level.

It seems that fear-based beliefs and assumptions are dividing us and compromising our values. We must challenge these beliefs and adopt new ways of thinking and acting to change our World.

The problem is that you still do not know how powerful your mind truly is.

What we fundamentally believe about ourselves, what we believe to be true, what we have decided is important to us, what we focus on, is often what our experience will be.

Not only do you underestimate the power of your mind to influence your perceptions, you also undervalue the power you have to change your mind.

You have the capability to rewire your neural nets with new ways of thinking that will result in behaviors that serve you rather than harm you.

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