Change starts with You / Änderung beginnt mit Dir / Mudança começa com Você / Cambio comienza Contigo

This is about You. I am not going to suggest for you to become someone, I am not going to suggest that you have to get somewhere and I am not going to suggest for you to gain anything.

I am not going to suggest anything, because the greatest gifts are already inside you, waiting to be uncovered.

And once they are, everything in your life will flow naturally, because when you start with yourself, the World around you will change.

If you wish for unconditional Love, love yourself unconditionally. There is one person you will have with you your entire life. One that needs your Love more than anyone else. And that person is You.

When you love yourself, you will find it easier to love others and the World around you. And the World in turn will find it easier to love you.

If you wish to be accepted as you are, have the courage to accept yourself as you are. It is important to let your true Self shine, and to share your true gifts with the World.

The beauty that is in your mind and that comes from your unique perspective on life needs to be heard.

You will suffer criticism. Their opinions do not matter, because you have to be you.

Only by being you, you will attract the right people into your life and repel the wrong people, so that soon you will be predominantly surrounded by those who love you for who you are.

If you wish to live a life with value, value your life. Society has sold you that material possessions define you.

But the truth is that little defines you but you, and that these material possessions do not lead to long-term contentment, but often to the opposite. You trade your time for money, which you then use to purchase things.

The truth is that whenever you buy things, you are literally spending your time. You are valuing these purchases more than the time it took you to make this money.

Time which could have been better spent with your loved ones, enjoying life, helping others, and doing what is important to you.

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