Change The World In 5 Minutes / Ändern die Welt in 5 Minuten / Mude o mundo em 5 Minutos / Cambia el mundo en 5 minutos

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To change the World and to make it a better place to live in, it is not always necessary to give a lot of time and energy. Giving 5 minutes of a day for environment conservation through simple but effective environmental activities like recycling mobiles, old books, toys or growing some food, you could make the difference in your life and the life of others.

In a parallel universe known as the World Wide Web, you always can. While much has been said about the negative effects of the Internet, we cannot deny how it has become a significant catalyst for social change. You can be invincible.

You can give birth to several identities that are so far from your real person – the victim, the playboy, the millionaire, the model, the critic, or the grieving lover, but as you go online today, remember that you can always choose to be a person of change.

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