Chaos and Order / Chaos und Ordnung / Caos e Ordem / Caos y Orden

Taoists believe that the World is always an interplay between chaos and order and that if you live your life properly you stand with one foot in order and one foot in chaos.

Because if you are only in order, nothing that is interesting ever happens to you. Nothing is anything but a repeat of all the things that you already know.

If you are in a state that is only characterized by chaos you are at sea or overwhelmed or things have fallen apart on you and there is too much of everything for you to deal with.

Chaos can turn into order, that is why there is a white dot in the middle of the black paisley. Order can turn into chaos, which is why there is a black dot in the middle of the white paisley. A meaningful life, an optimally meaningful life, is to be found on the border between chaos and order.

Your nervous system tells you exactly when you are there and you can tell when you are there because you are secure enough to be confident, but not so secure that you are bored and you are interested enough to be awake but not so interested that you are terrified.

And when you are in a state like that, you find things interesting and meaningful, time slips by you and you are no longer self-conscious.

This is an alchemical version of the Taoist Yin and Yang symbol and it says something that is more sophisticated and complex. It says that that World is made up of chaos and order, things that you can predict and understand and things that you can not predict and can not understand.

And inside the order there is some chaos and inside that chaos there is order and inside that order there is chaos and so on. And equally the case for order.

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