Chinese Farmer / Chinesischer Bauer / Fazendeiro Chinês / Granjero Chino

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The story of the Chinese farmer has gone viral in times that are just full of bad news. The story reminds people that it is best not to get too upset or attached to what happens to them. Even something that seems dark and confusing can turn out to be an opportunity. It might seem like bad news now, but you might look at it later as the best thing that ever happened.

People who grew up in the Depression suffered greatly, but they learned to rely on family, friends and their own ingenuity. Those skills molded them into people who seem much smarter about taking care of their money than those of us who rack up credit card debt.

Those who grew up during World War II endured fear and loss and deprivation, but they had the comfort of knowing they were part of a bigger, just cause and that their efforts and that of their loved ones mattered. Peolple who have coped with cancer were stripped of all the petty concerns from life, but they werref roced to focus on health, family and Love.

From where you stand now, you do not know the end of the story you are living. You do not know the twists and turns still to come. But, as Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl said in his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, when we have lost much, or even nearly everything, sometimes all we can choose is our attitude in the face of trials.

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