Choose to Love / Wähle zu Lieben / Escolha Amar / Escoge Amar

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When you look at others the way you do it yourself, Love is inevitable. If you feel separate from others, there will always be a choice whether or not to love them.

But, releasing these barriers from your mind will change your perspective of looking at people. Looking at the universe as a whole and believing yourself in being a part of it, why would you not choose to love?

It can hurt to realize that your Love for others may have some conditions. This is not what you can control. When your Love is starting to fade for someone, it is not what you had wished for, but just a natural thing. If it was meant to keep burning, it will forever be.

Love does not depend on a person’s good behavior defined by culture and what the Society thinks. Love is consistent just like a river that never stops flowing.

Love needs no actions approvals or specific behaviors of the partners to exist. It stays just the same even to the point that the relationship becomes impossible.

Love is a conscious willingness to give Love, affection, and respect, acceptance and appreciation. It is more than an emotion, but the openness to freely give and receive in return.

However, relationships need to be worked upon such that there is no abuse of being taken advantage of. Establishing healthy boundaries, lets you feel worthy and deserving.

When you are judging another you are not accepting them for who they are. Judgment is conditional Love. With acceptance you resent from judgment. This by itself converts into loving action. If you are thinking which way you can show the ultimate, unconditional Love, then this be it. Do not judge to withhold Love.

Unconditional Love can not be created, accumulated, or chased – it can just be. To love without conditions is to love without limitations. It is the ultimate expression of unconditional affection and freedom.

The freedom exists between two people who do not control each other to satisfy their own wants and needs. Love that is defined by conditions is likely to drive insecurity.

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