Citizen’s Oath / Bürgerschwur / Juramento do Cidadão / Juramento de Ciudadano

I promise, upon my honor, that I will leave this World stronger, safer, more sustainable, and more beautiful than I found it. It is a lot of pressure for one Human to make the World a better place.

Sometimes on some days you put a lot of negative energy out into the World and that is the wrong way leaving the World better than how you found it.

Leave the World with more kindness than you require for yourself. Look how you treat others, especially those with whom you interact daily, including your colleagues, your family, and even the cashier at the supermarket. Your energy has a huge impact on all of them.

With every purchase you do you give power and the ability to keep growing to the manufacturer. And with every non-purchase, you decide which companies will not grow. Your consumerism is a weapon and it is one of the most significant echoes you can make.

You decide on the quality of your thoughts and ideas that you are able to share and leave behind. Sharing starts at the level of Facebook. Facebook is an endless hall of echoes and each of your posts vibrates from one side of the planet to the other.

What you choose to share, like, and comment on is a decision, a decision to add something positive or negative to the World Consciousness.

You children are your message for the future and that is a great responsibility. Children can become monsters, but they also possess the ability to leave the World better than we left it for them. Your guiding example of how to live well today is your message for the future.

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