Coming Home / Nach Hause Kommen / Chegando em Casa / Regresando a Casa

When who we are and what we do are not in alignment, we suffer and cause the suffering of others. A more beautiful and sustainable World awaits us once we align our actions with what does not cause suffering.

Being who you really are is different from what you do, whom you are with or even what you believe in. Come home to who you really are.

A happy life does not depend on money, sex or power. A happy life is determined by how much you like yourself and who is close to you. You may become enchanted by the glitter and glamour of having your own reality TV show.

You might decide to help those less fortunate in distant lands. Whatever your choice, it all has to resonate and feel right in your heart and in your head. That is when you are being who you really are.

The World can see everything on social media. It seems that when it comes to showing the World how dumb you are, you have no hesitation to do so.

However, when it comes to breaking down the wall and letting someone really know who you are, you play your best act or you automatically become backwards and shy.

There is a persona that is called being socially correct in the comment streams, private chats, and the hangouts on Facebook and this persona dominates other social media sites as well.

This social correctness stems from worrying about what other people think. Therefore you create a person and an attitude that gravitates toward the people that you want to impress or eventually become.

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