Consciousness Expansion / Bewusstseinserweiterung / Expansão da Consciência / Expansión de la Conciencia

Expand your Consciousness: Be more aware of what you do, what you experience, how you react, and what that reaction means to show you. Be more aware, more conscious. Pave your path to be freer, less confined by the problems you create for yourself because you were conditioned to. Listen to binaural sounds if you find meditating on your own difficult. Binaural sounds just different frequencies that play and shift your brain waves.

The Solfeggio frequencies, often also called the Sacred Frequencies, are cyclic variation of the numbers 369, 147 and 258. It is claimed that each frequency has specific spiritual and physical healing properties, being able to put the body at ease, by bringing it into a state of balance, It is also claimed that they are part of a process that can assist you in creating the possibility of life without stress, illness, and sickness.

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