Consumer Capitalism 5.0 / Konsumentenkapitalismus 5.0 / Capitalismo do Consumor 5.0 / Capitalismo de Consumo 5.0

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Consumer Capitalism is a theoretical economic and social political condition in which consumer demand is manipulated, in a deliberate and coordinated way, on a very large scale, through mass-marketing techniques, to the advantage of sellers.

The power of such ‘manipulation’ is not straightforward. It depends upon a new kind of individualism – projective individualism, where persons use Consumer Capitalism to project the kind of person who they want to be.

Well, what’s wrong with the operating system that we have? Consumer Capitalism 5.0 or whatever it is. Well, it’s dumb!

It’s retro, it’s very non-competitive. It’s messy, it wastes the environment, it wastes Human resources, it’s inefficient, it runs on stereotypes, it runs on a low sampling rate, which is what creates stereotypes.

Llow sample rates make everybody appear alike, when in fact the glory is in everyone’s differences, and the current operating system is flawed.

It actually has bugs in it, that generate contradictions. Contradictions such as we’re cutting the earth from beneath our feet. We’re poisoning the atmosphere that we breathe.

This is not intelligent behavior. This is a culture with a bug in its operating system that’s making it produce erratic, dysfunctional, malfunctional behavior. Time to call a tech.

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