Cosmic Consciousness / Kosmisches Bewusstsein / Consciência Cósmica / Conciencia Cósmica

Cosmic Consciousness is the state when soul Consciousness stabilizes and the witnessing Awareness is present all the time in waking, dreaming and sleeping states. This state of Consciousness is sometimes described in traditions as being both local and nonlocal simultaneously.

The Christian tradition, the phrase ‘to be in the World and not of it’ describes this flavor of Cosmic Consciousness. In this state, even during deep sleep, the witnessing Awareness is fully awake and there is the realization that one is not the mind/body, which is in the field of change, but rather an eternal spirit that transcends space and time.

The most remarkable aspect of this state of Consciousness is the knowledge of one’s nature as timeless and, therefore one has no fear of death. Cosmic Consciousness is not the highlight of enlightenment, still it marks the transition from an identity bound to a conditioned life to a life of freedom in self-knowledge.

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