Create the reality in which you Live / Erschaffe die Realität in der Du lebst / Crie a realidade em que você Vive / Crea la realidad en la que Vives

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Subatomic particles are potentially everything and nothing at the same time until they are observed. They exist both everywhere and nowhere until they are observed.

Therefore, everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential. If they can exist simultaneously in an infinity of possible places, we are potentially able to unfold into an infinity of possible realities.

This means, if you can imagine a future event in your life based on your wishes, this reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field just waiting for you to observe it.

Your thoughts and feelings are no exception to all of this. Your thoughts and feelings have an electromagnetic signal. Your thoughts send an electrical signal to the quantum field.

This way, your feelings have the power to magnetically attract situations in life. By combining what you think and what you feel you produce a state of Being which generates an electromagnetic imprint. And this imprint influences every atom in your World.

By changing your state of Being (changing your beliefs and consequently changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviors) you create a new electromagnetic field which matches with this potential in the quantum field of information and it is possible that you will stumble upon this situation by being attracted to it or that this situation will find you.

Consciousness influences quantum mechanics, it might in fact arise because of it.

You have to be aware of the beliefs in your subconscious causing your blockages. For example, you consciously want to make money but your subconscious mind gives an opposite order. When you were a child, you saw and heard that money is hard to get and rich people are arrogant.

That is the signal your subconscious mind sends to the quantum field, and that is the reason you do not attract money into your life. It is necessary for you to unlock this belief because change requires coherence. Coherence begins by aligning your thoughts with your feelings.

Waves of a signal are more powerful when they are coherent. The same applies to your thoughts being aligned with your feelings. You transmit more powerful electromagnetic signals when your thoughts are clear and focused on your goals and they get stronger when they are accompanied by a passionate emotion. And these powerful electromagnetic signals are the ones that draw you to a possible reality matching the one you desire.

Maybe you want abundance in your life, and you have thoughts about being rich. But if you feel poor you will not attract abundance. You are thinking one thing and feeling something totally different at the same time. And when that coherence does not exist, the field does not respond coherently either.

You have an enormous power to create the reality in which you live.

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