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Creative thinking involves dual and often opposing qualities such as convergence and divergence, control and abandon, order and disorder, certainty and uncertainty.

Consider what you are doing when you plan your day, your week, your year: you are trying to exert control over life, and predict with your plans the course your life will take today, this week, this year.

You are saying, this is what I am going to do today. This is how things will go. If I get these things done, life will be good. This is my idea of what this day will hold.

Consider this: you have absolutely no idea if any of this is true. You can not predict the future with any kind of certainty, and the idea that you can plan based on your predictions is a nice fiction, but a fiction nonetheless.

You do not know what will happen today, much less the rest of the week or month or year.

You do not know what will happen, nor should you want to. You can try to plan, but those plans are not based on real knowledge and probably won’t happen, so planning is a waste of time.

Let go of control and allow yourself to be swept away by the powerful currents of life. Let go of planning and embrace not know what will happen. Let go of productivity and be open to new ideas, new opportunities, spontaneous creativity.

Learn to embrace uncertainty, and be open to change. Learn to let go of control, and surf the ever-changing wave. Let unpredictability rule, let randomness be the force of our life, let spontaneity be the rule.

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