Crisis in Consciousness / Krise im Bewusstsein / Crise na Consciência / Crisis en la Conciencia

As a Human being in the 21st century, the challenge to remain conscious, to obtain and maintain self-Awareness, is greater than at any other time in history.

This challenge arises from the attraction and distraction of illusion, which has increased its intensity, breadth and effectiveness with the massive and rapid growth of technology.

The ability to be someone else and to be somewhere else other than who you are or where you are is growing every day. The more civilized the Society, the greater the capacity to escape reality, to dream, to hope, to buy and sell illusion.

The Information Age is one of knowledge, which is not the same as wisdom. Knowledge is superficial; it has no depth. Knowledge feeds the Ego and starves the Self.

As a Human, you prefer states that are temporary, rather than traits that are lasting. Almost every product or service that is bought or sold today is used to help enter the state they desire. Most people stumble from pleasure to pleasure, doing their best to manufacture happiness.

However, happiness stretches and it becomes increasingly difficult to reach. You convince yourself that more money is needed to buy more things and the rat-racing existence continues.

You consume things and increase your appetite for things and your identity is constructed completely of physical forms, such as, clothes, cars, houses, physical appearance and so on. You think without things, you are no longer yourself.

Computers, hand-held devices, social media, print media and everything you see on television is designed to distract and attract your attention, to convince you to buy the things to become the advertised identity.

You are not the things; you are your attention; and if you are constantly distracted, you leave little possibility to be authentic.

All of your preconceived notions can be shaped by ‘Liking’ only people and sources of information that agree with your egocentric view of the World.

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