The project Critic is related to my natural character of a notorious, uncomfortable, cynical, ironical and satirical person. I am a born virgo and my character may have its explanation in my astrology.

I am a critic, an analyst, a troublemaker, a commentator, an agitator, a judge, an educator, a teacher, a guru, a rebel, an anarchist, I am a critic.

A critic is a professional who communicates his opinion, positive, negative, or balanced. I am being critical, and analyzing the ones who think they know all there is to know and the ones may feel I am carzy, I am arrogant or on a ludicrous quest. I could be as the ones say.

But I do know this, I have a tremendous amount of passion for my life and a tremendous conviction of what I do.  I may only educate one, myself.

I will teach the change I want to see in myself, I will teach the change you want to see in yourself, I will teach the change we need to see in the World.

Regardless the origin or the importance I will with this page give credit to my character and publish Critics of my own and Critics from colleagues.