Culture is a mass Hallucination / Kultur ist eine Massenhalluzination / Cultura é uma alucinação em Massa / Cultura es una alucinación Masiva

You are caged by your cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination you see it for what it is worth.

So much of what we see, we judge. So much of what we see, we do not like. Racism, sexism, poverty, war, refugee crisis, ideas of privilege.

But why then, do we continue to feed these cultural hallucinations? Why do we give them light? Why do we participate in them?

With 7 billion people on the planet, there are 7 billion uniquely views, beliefs, and opinions about all of it.

So we must ask ourselves, why do we hang onto the crazy idea that we are somehow separate from any of it?

Why do we reject that as a Human family, we are connected through only one heart?

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
To everything we see.

Why? Because we are participants in it, and the only way to heal what we see is to heal our inner selves. It is a challenge to see some of the pain mentioned above and internally acknowledge our own participation in it.

That’s why we keep projecting externally. When we believe the problems are external, we simultaneously believe the answers are external.

And when we continue to look outward, we continue to manifest the problems we actually dislike.

All the fighting for and fighting against of external problems has not worked. As a whole humanity is no better than we were 1000 years ago.

Like the Human body, in which cutting out a tumor does not stop the cause of the cancer, much of what humanity expends enormous energy on has no way to stop the cause of the problems we project externally.

The problems return. Maybe in a new form, but they always comes back. Because we know energy can be neither created or destroyed.

But it can be transformed. Internal healing of ourselves, through the only true alchemist –

Love – is the path to transformation.

Culture is a kind of mass hallucination designed for middle-aged people. Because culture works best for them, you know. When you’re less than middle-aged, you’re trying to figure out the rules of this collective hallucination, if you’re past middle age and you have been paying attention, you know it’s bullshit and so you don’t care anymore.

So it’s a peculiar kind of ideological fascism but is in the control of a certain age group, who is leading some people in and tossing some people out because it’s become irrelevant. And the way, the reason people can get away with this is because people …

… you have a, like a hormonal maturation process which is forced upon you. You have no choice about getting pubic hair and sprouting secondary sexual characteristics and so forth and so on. But by the time you’re 20 or so, you are that.

The change has come. You can reproduce. You can have sex. You are now an adult. It means, you are now … you can now buy beer. That’s so indicative to me of what that form of adulthood means. What it means is, you are now fully empowered to participate as a complete idiot in this Society. No one will interfere.

And you know we have some flavors we want you to choose from here. We’ve got the Democrat and Republican flavor; check one or the other. We have the Methodist, Presbyterian, Holy Roller riveted; check one of twelve please, so forth and so on. And you’re handed all these cultural credit cards,  essentially you get the keys to the car not to reality but to culture.

So then, if you buy into this, and it’s no sin to buy into it or it’s an excusable sin, at least in my eyes because I did it. There are no other excusable sins except the ones I did, this happens to be one of them, if you accept it you say ‘Okay, well, I’ll get a job and all gift of a significant other of the office of Judge bird and I will fit myself into this weird paradigm.’ Unless for some reason, genetic, hormonal, good fortune, if you are uncomfortable with it.

So, ‘I don’t want it, I want something else, I don’t know what it is but I want something else.’ Well, then it’s all set up to say, ‘Okay, you’re a tough case. You don’t you don’t want to go work at the paper-box Factory. So, you want something else say… alright, check it out … go find your something else. And this breaks most people because it’s the something else if you’re a Methodist is not Mormonism.

But something else if you’re a Republican, is not Maosim. None of these things work. The only something else that isn’t painted by the perverse nature of the game is the psychedelic experience, so far as I can tell it. And if there only has to be one doorway … and we’re not in the business of finding  doorways here, we’re in the business of trying to get outside the cultural van. There only has to be one method that works … and this, I think, is it.

It is so countered, expectation and again, I don’t know who I am talking to in this room. There may be people in this room who are saying, ‘Yeah yeah, that’s exactly it, that’s right, done this, done that, bought a t-shirt’ and there may be people who are saying, ‘I don’t understand what this guy is talking about. Any of it it makes no sense at all.’

Well what we’re talking about is the fact that culture is not reality. Culture is a mass hallucination of some sort.

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