Dance of Existence / Tanz der Existenz / Dança da Existência / Danza de la Existencia

So you see our very existence is a rhythm, of waking and sleeping, eating and moving. And that’s all we’re doing. Just consider what we do everyday. What’s it all about? Does it really mean anything? Does it go anywhere?

It’s just we keep wanting to do this kind of a ‘hoop-dee-da’. So you can get a certain vision of life, where everything is seen to be a complex pattern of rhythm.

Dances; the Human dance, the flower dance, the bee dance, the giraffe dance. And that’s what this is all is, it’s Jazz. You see? This is a big jazz this World.

And what it’s trying to do is to see how jazzed up it can get, how far out this play of rhythm can go. Because that’s what we all come down to.


Music is the art where rhythm is sensed best. The pattern and harmony in music perfectly agree with the harmony in nature. How music appeals Human feelings is a consequence of such a correspondence.

A person’s recognition of this harmony and rhythm in the universe makes one conform to it and become unified with existence.

Humans have not been left to run wild in this World; an order is needed for their material and spiritual life. The balance, harmony, and beauties existing in creation are reflected in Human nature as well.

Without a rhythmically working order, the balance of life will be upset, chaos will begin, and maybe the World will come to an end.

Human nature wishes to see an order to social life and expects consistent behavior from others. People with consistent behavior are more preferable as friends and inspire trust in those around them.

The order formed as a consequence of individuals’ living in harmony can be seen as social rhythm. Just as a social life that respects others’ rights, a social life that runs counter to the idea of order and trust can lead to chaos and unrest.

A periodical rhythm is observable in Human beings and many living things’ metabolism, heartbeat, and bodily functions, like respiration and sleep.

If the rhythms are upset, their biological balance is also upset, a situation which can cause death.

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