Dear living Generations / Liebe lebende Generationen / Queridas gerações Vivas / Queridas generaciones Vivas

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How useful is it to speak of the Lost Generation, the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, the Vietnam Generation, the Generation X, or the Millennials, and attribute to them certain common characteristics.

The precise meaning of the term generation is contested. Is it a culture, a demographic, an outlook, a style, an economy, a scene, a literature, a political ideology, an aesthetic, an age, a decade, a way of life, or a marketing strategy?

Generation is a problematic term, one that must be used with care and caution. Nevertheless, Generation represents an aspect of our social and psychological reality that can not be denied.

Every generation has a responsibility for the future of the planet. The actual scientific studies point to the need for a dramatic reduction in the release of greenhouse gases in the next three decades.

In case it does not occur, the change of the climate system may compromise food production, cause large-scale natural disasters, require resettlement of populations from coastal areas …

in simple words, the living generations have to radically change the consumption patterns practiced today, and understand that the paradigm of consuming more and more does not bring welfare and happiness.

On the contrary, it destroys the maintainability of natural processes and from a social point of view, it increases inequality.

If it is true that humanity’s demand on nature has exceeded the capacity of complex ecosystems to continue providing environmental services and their corresponding natural resources, it is also undeniable that there is an ongoing revolution of values and new lifestyle impositions.

This sets up the hope that the living generations will be able to leave a legacy of dignity and sustainability.

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