Depression is the only natural State / Depression ist der einzige natürliche Zustand / Depressão é o único estado Natural / Depresión es el único estado Natural

Depression is the only natural state to be in for an intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, informed, thinking individual to exist in the current state of our World.

Existing in a state of depression is the only natural state for someone living in a place where so many things are obviously terrible … both on a personal level and in the World as a whole. What if to not being depressed is the true indication of mental sickness.

From doctors, to psychiatrists, to therapists, to the general population, to the depressed individuals themselves … the universal belief appears to be that the person needs help, that depression is something wrong, or a brain chemical imbalance or a disease or something that needs to be fixed or that requires medication or therapy.

Depression is not an illness, it as a natural reaction to an apathetic, Ego driven, anthropocentric, crazy World.

It is the people that are NOT depressed that worry me.

The real World is an extremely depressing place for any person that cares at all about anything outside of themselves.

3 billion people living in starving poverty, water wars, oil wars, religious wars, corrupt governments, corrupt police, corrrupt military and corrupt incorporations, womens rights violations, slavery, wars, child rape, etc. etc.

It is a modern phenomenon that this huge media monster churns out news at lightning speed and delivers it in overwhelming amounts. The news programs understand that it is the scary news that grabs the most attention, so that is what they feed us in an unrelenting diet.

Do not watch the news. You will always find out on the grapevine about anything important and 99.9% of news is just designed to scare you. You need to be kind to yourself and that means not scaring yourself or worrying needlessly.

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