Disconnected from Yourself / Von dir selbst Getrennt / Desconectado de Você / Desconectado de ti Mismo

Trauma represents an event which disconnects you with yourself. These blocks often layer up over the years from your childhood, major events, and from your environment.

From well-meaning parents, clueless authority figures, disappointing experiences, embarrassing situations, influential communities or media programming – there are many influences.

The blocks could be limiting beliefs, unproductive thought patterns or behaviors.

For some, it is a lack of attention, care, and Awareness of their own body – the greatest asset each person has in their life journey. For others, it is the uninspiring or stressful environment they are in every day of the week.

A billionaire who was once the richest man in his country killed himself when his net worth sank to make him number two. His sense of Self rested on being number one. The choice for him was be number one or die.

You know what it is like to feel disconnected – not only from yourself, but from others and the World. Your head feels in a spin from constant stress. You feel overwhelmed by your emotions. You have a sense of emptiness inside.

You feel out of touch with others. You feel a lack of meaning or purpose. You consistently feel uncertain of yourself. It is a painful place to be.

You live with the sense of things being not right. You feel the restlessness of wanting more from life, without knowing exactly what you are looking for.

At times you had glimpses of feeling connected; an inner moment of feeling in touch with something deeper within yourself. But the experiences were fleeting.

Bringing Awareness to your inner World can give you perspective. Being aware means noticing and being curious about your experiences, without trying to change or resist them.

Awareness allows you to pause and get present with your body and self in the moment. Awareness and presence helps cultivate your inner connection.

Self-healing begins with awareness and recognition that there is inner discord that has perhaps sounded from the beginning of your existence.

Simply understanding how the separation from Self may have resulted can bring a sense of relief. Learning to recognize and validate your own needs is a huge step towards self-healing. 

Accepting that it is your responsibility to care for yourself is a process that can require a lifetime of inner work. Finding ways to nurture yourself can be a delicious journey to a sense of wholeness that you have lost in early childhood.

But you must give yourself permission. Validation can only be given and felt from within. The authentic Self or the essential Self is vital to explore this inner journey to self-discovery, self-repair, and re-connection.

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