Do I feel happy in Life / Fühle ich mich glücklich im Leben / Sinto-me feliz na Vida / Siento-me feliz en la Vida

Do I feel happy in life? erm (long pause) erm lets see, lets say I hope I’m finding happiness right? Well for me if I can realise certain things in my work I come the closest to being happy and I can also say about my life. Well it only happens in moments, sometimes when I’m working and ill be able to erm fulfil a scene truthfully and then I think I’m the happiest.

While I find it very stimulating to keep studying and working erm erm but I’m not just genuinely happy … if I’m genuinely anything … I’m genuinely miserable.

What makes you so sad? I think you’re the saddest girl I ever met.

You’re the first man that ever said that. I’m usually told how happy I am.

That’s because you make a man feel happy.

Story about the city-man out in the country

He sees this fella sitting on his porch, and he says, Mister, could you tell me how I can get back to town?

The fella says, No.

Well, could you tell me how to get to the post office?

The fella says, No.

Well, do you know how to get to the railroad station?


Boy, he says, you sure don’t know much, do you?

The fella says. No. But I ain’t lost.

Clark Gable suffered a heart attack two days after filming ended and died ten days later, November 16, 1960. Within a year and a half, Marylin Monroe was dead of an apparent drug overdose.

‘The Misfits’ was the last completed film for both Monroe and Gable, her childhood screen idol. As a child, Monroe had often claimed that Gable was her father.

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