Do not forget Nature / Vergiss die Natur Nicht / Não se esqueça da Natureza / No te olvides de la Naturaleza

The debate about climate change is no longer occurring in the scientific community. Qualified climate scientists have long since unanimously agreed that the evidence of climate change is overwhelming, and that Human activity, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, is its main cause.

Carbon dioxide has reached record high atmospheric levels. This has led to shrinking polar ice sheets, sea level rise, and warming oceans. There is a scientific consensus on the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Climate scientists have repeatedly tried to make this clear. It is time for the rest of us to listen.

Climate scientists have reached near-universal agreement that Human activity is causing serious climate change. Nevertheless, powerful economic and political forces are unwilling to admit the obvious, and instead launched massive propaganda efforts to protect their wealth and fame.

The problem is not whether climate change is real; the problem is how to get the World population to discredit propaganda and recognize the truth.

You’re here, I’m here, because we care. Not just for today. But we care passionately for the future.

While you work to meet the challenge of climate change, I beg you, do not forget nature. Because the destruction of nature today accounts for more global emissions than all of the cars and trucks in the World.

We can put solar panels on each and every house. We can even turn every car into an electric vehicle. As long as Sumatra burns we’ll have failed; so long as the Amazon’s great forests are slashed and burned, so long as the protected lands of tribal people indigenous people are allowed to be encroached upon, so long as wetlands and bogs are destroyed, our climate goals will remain out of reach and we will be shit out of time.

If we don’t stop the destruction of our natural World, nothing else will matter.

Simply put, if we don’t protect nature we can’t protect ourselves.

Empower indigenous communities to use their knowledge, their history, their imagination, our science to save their heritage and their land. Respect and ensure their rights.

Educate and elect leaders who believe in science and understand the importance of protecting nature. Stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science or worse than that pretend they don’t believe in science for their own self-interest. They know who they are. We know who they are.

It’s the mother in the Philippines who worries that the next big storm is going to rip her infant out of her arms. It’s the people in California who are fleeing from unprecedented fires.

Nature doesn’t need people; people need nature.

Kick this monster.

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