Do not miss your Life / Verpass nicht Dein Leben / Não perca a sua Vida / No te pierdas tu Vida

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If someone asked you what you do for fun, would you have an answer. Are there things you have always dreamed of doing but never tried. When was the last time you felt really excited and energized by something, far away from your work, errands, or other obligations. If you feel like you are missing something, you are – your life.

Living your life requires first and most important accepting who you are as well as accepting who you are not. When you are too scared to define yourself, the life you are meant to live floats by and you miss it. Definition requires courage. The courage to say this is me, that is not me. You may not it but this is who you are.

Remember that every moment of every day is what makes up your life. Your life is not going to happen someday in the future. It is happening right now. So, the present is what deserves your attention – the boring, the frustrating, and the challenging, right alongside the exciting and the loving.

Today is made of your memories. If you notice and focus on what you do not like, you are creating some pretty unhappy memories. There is always tomorrow, you think – but how do you know. Special moments are happening right now, today. Find them amidst the hardships, or you will lose them forever.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

You are led to believe that the only thing that counts is career and output, but the research shows that true success comes with fulfilled living – pursuing your passions, expressing yourself in exciting activities, and living life to the fullest. Your life outside work should not be a sideshow – it needs to be the main event.

Do not miss your life. The key is to develop a skill set that you probably never knew existed: leisure skills. These are the aptitudes and attitudes – the life intelligence – that will lead you to the fun and passions that make life most worth living. You need these skills and apply them to active pursuits that will make you happy and satisfy your deepest aspirations.

It can be easy to get swept away in the fast lane and forget to stop and show your appreciation for what you do have. A life well lived is one of gratitude and thankfulness.

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