Does the Now Exist / Gibt es das Jetzt / Existe o Agora / Existe el Ahora

Now is a non-existing point in space, without space or time. Now can not be comprehended through sensory experience and it does not exist in a physical reality.

Now is the point where each moment arrives and passes back into space but Now does not come or go. Who you truly are is not bound by this earthly experience.

Sensory perception makes up the components by which you have imagined a physical self. But you are not the physical body, you are the observer of the senses.

You have invented a mind and you think you are the mind, you are the observer of thought. You experience life in a virtual reality because there is no other way.

You are a reflection of source manifested in Awareness through spirit into form.

It was necessary to create time to fully experience this World. But if you examine yourself through the spectrum of time you will recognize the contradiction of your own existence.

Only in memory do you exist in the past and only in imagination do you exist in the future, these are simply thoughts and ideas.

From your perspective time appears to be the creator of all things, but when you step off the stage you begin to see that time is simply the curtain opening and closing.

You can be the actor on the stage or the observer of the play, it is easy for the actor to get lost in the part, it is better to be the observer.

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